Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Girl Next Door - 2

Ok, for all u gals out there hooting for Clueless...there is some good news. I met her last night....yes,...I am a horrible person. I went there to check her out after hearing so much from Ragz. So I pretended to be Ragz's cool friend who is a pc expert. But lo!...the minute I met her all sorts of good pure brotherly feelings engulfed my blood stream!!! I don't know if its the way she looked..her age..or just the way she moved around or spoke..but I am pretty sure she was my kid sister in some pichla janam. And her pc is one big messed up piece of crap (she's had it since 98)... totally beyond even NASA scientists..(I tried kicking it hard too...that usually fixes any appliances i am used to). And after we found out that she was in a tornado storm recently without a surge protector....we tried to prepare her mentally into buying a new one soon.

Me and Ragz: (looking remorsefully at her pc)...tsk tsk tsk...
Totally Clueless: so u guys speak gujrati???
Me: (looking blank for a second and thinking... do we look like gujratis?)
Ragz: (looking blank for more than a minute and thinking... damn! i thought she was north indian!)
Totally Clueless: (still waiting for her answer....)
Me: speak Hindi...and Ragz here speaks too. its our national language u know.
Totally Clueless: (cheerfully...) oh ..i can speak gujrati very well..!

This went on for a while till we thought she is now going to start practicing her gujrati on us (yes..even after our repeated denials)..and thats when we decided to hurry out of her apartment. We got the junk pc with us to work today...lets see what our experts come up with. And oh yes, the good news now is that because of the "Bhaiya" angle.., I am now as comitted as Ragz to get her pc fixed..or if not that then get her a good deal on a new one.....or we'll have to hear from gujrati.


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